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China Mentech Intercontinental team 2024 - Ma Binyan

25 years old, born in 1999

Height: 177cm Weight: 67kg

From: Guangdong, China

Team experience: Playing for the Hengxiang Intercontinental Cycling Team from 2022-2023, and playing for the China Huaxing mentech Intercontinental Team in 2024

Main participation experience:

2018 Track Championship Madison Champion;

2019 Track Championship Madison Champion;

Third place in the individual category of the 2019 Road Championship;

First place in individual all-around in the 2020 Field Championship Finals;

2020 Track Championships Madison third place;

2021 Shaanxi National Games Bronze Medal in the Men's Individual Road Cycling Competition;

Second place in the men's all-around event of the 2022 "Badiri Cup" China Track Cycling League (first stop);

Second place in the men's individual competition of the China Road Cycling League (Tongren Station) in 2023;

2023 National Road Cycling Championships Men’s Adult Individual Championship;

2023 China Road Cycling Professional League (Wenzhou Yandang Mountain Nanxijiang Station) runner-up in the circle race;

In August 2023, he was selected into the Chinese Cycling Team’s entry list for the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou;

Third place in the first stage of the 2023 Third Binzhou Yellow River Scenic Belt International Road Cycling Race

The eighth stage of the second stage of the 2023 Tour of Guangxi World Tour broke the record for the highest stage ranking of a Chinese rider in a World Tour-level competition.

Ma Binyan, who won the National Road Championship in 2023, put on the national championship jersey, and joined the China Huaxing Intercontinental Cycling Team without taking the test, said he was very happy. Because here there is a complete system of professional teams, complete training support and logistics services, equipped with team managers, sports directors, trainers, masseurs, mechanics, etc., and more importantly, there is a group of like-minded people who live and work together. Train, learn from each other, and make progress together.

The past year was the year in which he participated in the most competitions in all his years of riding, including national track races, national road races, domestic professional leagues, UCI professional races, etc. At the beginning of the year, he was in very good shape, but as the competition progressed, especially after the Qinghai Lake Tour, his physical strength failed to recover. Joining Huaxing in 2024, he hopes to learn more training methods and recovery techniques so that he can better cope with high-intensity multi-day competitions.

As a master of both track and road, he has integrated cycling into his life, both to challenge himself and to win glory for the country. In the new season, I look forward to chasing dreams and achieving more and better results with the team members!

Ma Binyan got off to a good start at the Antalya Grand Prix, his first show at Huaxing mentech, and we look forward to more surprises from him!

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