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Meet Luy Xianjing

26 years old, born in 1998

Height: 169cm Weight: 62kg

From: China·Yunnan

Team experience: Cycled for China Hengxiang Intercontinental Team from 2018-2019, played for China Huaxing Intercontinental Team from 2022-2024

At the 2023 Alanya Cup Cycling Race, Lu Xianjing crossed the line in sixth place, helping Huaxing team win the first UCI race victory in the teams history. Winning the team championship in the Tour of Sakarya in Turkey, Lu Xianjing stood on the podium three times in the four stages, won the fourth stage, and won the runner-up in the overall individual score. Won first place in the adult men's elimination cross-country race at the Gansu Weiyuan Station of the China Mountain Bike League "Weiyuan Biological Cup". In the second stage of the 22nd Qinghai Lake International Road Cycling Tour, he won the blue jersey of Asia's best rider, and in the fourth stage, he won the "Peak" Asia's best rider.

In August 2023, he was selected for the Chinese Cycling Team to participate in the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou. In the 11th Tour of Poyang Lake International Cycling Competition, he won the first stage championship, as well as the final overall championship and the honor of the best China rider (pink championship jersey). At the 2023 Asian Mountain Bike Championships, he won the gold medal in the team relay event and the adult gold medal in the men's Olympic cross-country event.

2023 is destined to be an extraordinary year for Lu Xianjing. This year, Huaxing won the team championship in the Tour of Sakarya in Turkey, and he personally stood on the podium three times in the four stages of the competition. Won the fourth stage of the competition and won the runner-up overall result. This team glory is more like a game that gives the team a boost. Everyone holds on to everything to win. In the second half of the year, the team becomes more and more courageous, and the entire team is full of confidence and fighting spirit. For him personally, his dominance on the road was well deserved. Coming to the Asian Mountain Bike Championships, this dual road and mountain bike rider fulfilled his mission and won the gold medal.

When the new season of 2024 comes, Lu Xianjing hopes to achieve the top three overall results in a multi-day competition above the 2.1 level. More importantly, he is still moving forward with the dream of winning glory for the country.

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