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Tour of Mersin 2024, Opening Triumph

The team traveled to Turkey after a successful block of racing in Croatia. The main goal in Europe was to participate in difficult races to up the Team’s level as they work towards bigger goals.

Stage 1, Tour of Mersin started fast and furious with a total of more than 150 riders on the start line consisting of 25 team. The stage had two hard climbs close to the finish, so we decided to save energy and play our cards in the final.

As we approached the final two climbs, there was a huge battle for position to be well placed for the climb. Sitting in the back would have resulted in getting dropped immediately.

As the peloton crested the final Category 1 climb of the day, Team Chinaglorycycling had four riders present in the front group of 20 riders. The Team decided it was best not to attack but rather keep the group together for a sprint, leading out Luy Xianjing.

Luy Managed to take 3rd place and secured yet another podium for the Team. There are three stages left with many opportunities still to come. We stay focused and motivated as a Team.

Some photos behind the scenes:

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