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China Glory on a high

The 2nd stage of Belgrade-Banjaluca started with a bang as the peloton raced off at an astonishing average speed of 50km/h in the first hour. The high pace and fierce competition for positions resulted in a few crashes, leaving the peloton on edge.

Despite the challenges, Team Chinaglorycycling fought hard throughout the stage, showcasing their determination and skill.

With 30km to go, the main climb of the day loomed ahead. James Piccoli, known for his climbing prowess, launched a daring attack on the toughest part of the climb. Piccoli pushed the limits, but unfortunately, he was caught by the chasing pack in the final kilometers of the race. Nevertheless, his tenacity and aggressive racing style were commendable.

Julian Trarieux, the team's sprinter, finished 13th on the stage. Although he was satisfied with his performance, he expressed a desire to do even better.

Luy Xianjing, who finished 16th on the stage, attributed his success to the altitude camp, which he felt had already benefitted his performance. He eagerly anticipated the final two stages of the tour.

Xu, showed his improving form by finishing in a strong 61st position, despite the stage profile not being ideal for him. He expressed confidence in his progress and looked forward to upcoming challenges.

However, Lucas de Rossi faced a setback as he had to change his bike during a crucial point in the race, which prevented him from competing in the final. Despite the setback, the team applauded his efforts and remained optimistic for future races.

In conclusion, Team Chinaglorycycling performance at the 2nd stage of Belgrade-Banjaluca was marked by thrilling moments, challenging climbs, and unwavering determination. The team showcased their strengths and resilience, despite the obstacles they faced.

With a positive outlook and improving form,The Team is geared up for the final stages of the tour and determined to make their mark.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Team Chinaglorycycling as they continue to pursue their passion for cycling and strive for excellence on the race course.

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