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Despite not securing the victory, the ChinaGlorycycling Team showed incredible strength and determination throughout the Circuit del Porto race. With Xu leading the way in the early breakaway, the rest of the team remained focused and determined to stay at the front of the peloton. As the race progressed, the team's strategy became clear as they worked together to set up their sprinter for the final stretch.

It takes a true team effort to achieve success in cycling, and the ChinaGlorycycling Team demonstrated this by working in unison and putting their skills to the test. From setting the pace in the peloton to working together to position their sprinter for the final push, every member of the team played an integral role in their performance.

While winning is always the ultimate goal, there is much to be proud of in the team's efforts at the Circuit del Porto race. Their hard work and dedication have shown that they are a force to be reckoned with, and they will undoubtedly continue to push themselves to new heights in the races to come.

We look forward to seeing what the ChinaGlorycycling Team will achieve next, and we will continue to support them in their pursuit of success. Keep up the great work!

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