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Chinaglorycycling Shines in Belgrade-Banjaluca

Today marked stage 3 of the Belgrade-Banjaluca cycle race, and our team, Chinaglorycycling, has been performing admirably thus far. Despite the race witnessing several crashes, our team has skillfully avoided them by maintaining strategic positions within the peloton.

In a proud moment for our team, James, our rider, was awarded the red jersey for being the most active rider in the previous day's stage. It's an accomplishment that both James and the team can take pride in.

Similar to the previous two stages, stage 3 started off with a blazing pace, akin to a rocket ship launching into space. In the first hour and a half, we were averaging a remarkable speed of 50km/h.

However, around the 70km mark, a massive crash occurred in the peloton, involving over 50 riders traveling at a speed of 70km/h. Thankfully, our team was fortunate to have avoided this calamity.

The race was immediately neutralized as ambulances tended to the injured riders, and while there were no fatalities, the tension in the peloton was palpable when the race resumed. With the season still long and more races to come, nerves were running high.

In the final circuit, our team rode cautiously and stayed out of harm's way, crossing the finish line safely as part of the front group.

Overall, it was a challenging stage, but our team's focus on safety and strategy paid off, ensuring that we continue our campaign in the race with determination and skill.

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