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After a race in late March, China's Huaxing Intercontinental Cycling Team moved to Kayseri, Turkey, for a three-week high-altitude training. The camp was attended by seven Chinese team members and French team member Julian Trarieux, as well as logistics support personnel such as sports directors, team doctors and mechanics.

This high-altitude training is an important preparation before the scheduled Tour de Turkey. This year's Tour de Turkey was postponed to October due to the earthquake, and the Huaxing team temporarily adjusted its race plan and will participate in Belgrade-Banja Luka and Austria's Vohralberg Grand Prix. It is believed that after the adjustment of high-altitude training, the players can show better condition in the next stage of competition.

The convoy was stationed on Mount Ergiyes. Located in the south of Kayseri city, this mountain is a famous ski resort in the area, and the hotel is around 2000 meters above sea level. During the snow season, a large number of skiers gather here, and now the snow season is coming to an end and the snow area is calm.

After the arrival of the convoy, there was also rain and snow in the area, and the temperature dropped sharply. The team mainly uses Develli in the south as a training route, and the temperature is relatively warm.

The team members braved the cold and overcame adverse conditions for outdoor training. The training program will also include 5 hours of endurance training, as well as interval training and testing.

Vlad our team mechanic who is in charge of keeping the team bikes in working order.

The Elitewheel wheel set used by the team in the new year is a complete iteration of the vacuum wheel, providing lower rolling resistance and aerodynamics. Installing a foam liner increases safety and avoids tire looping that can occur after a puncture.

The team uses a GARMIN Rally pedal power meter to collect more accurate training data and feed it back to the trainer for analysis.

Team doctor Arseny Kuzmin conducted physical examinations for the players during the training camp, tracked and analyzed the physical condition of the team members through blood composition, body fat rate, urine test and other data, and gave targeted training and supply suggestions. In modern cycling, where marginal effects are emphasized, precise attention to detail is particularly important.

For the next two weeks, the Huaxing team will still be accompanied by the snowy mountains. The team's next race is the Belgrade Banjaluka (UCI Class 4.19) on April 22-2, so stay tuned.

Written by Chen Zihao

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