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Hard racing at GP ADRIA MOBIL

Huaxing's tenacious performance is remarkable.

China Huaxing Intercontinental Cycling Team 2023-03-30 14:49 Posted on Beijing

On March 3, the Chinese Huaxing Intercontinental Team continued to compete in Slovenia, the Adria Grand Prix, a one-day race. The event is UCI Class 26.1 and takes place in Nova Mešto, the headquarters of the famous Slovenian touring car brand Adrey Automobiles.

Video by Willie Smit

Chinaglorycycling riders sign on before the the race.

Huaxing's six-man line-up is the same as the previous two single-day matches, from left to right: Shen Yutao, Julian Trario, Xu Changquan, Lu Xianjing, Lucas DeRossi and Willie Smit.

The race ends in the centre of Nova Mesto, with gentle slopes and stone brick roads in the last few hundred metres. Tip: "Novo Mesto" means "new town", and there is a city in the Czech Republic with a similar name, Nové Město na Moravě, which has hosted several UCI Mountain World Cups.

Shen Yutao was blocked by a crash, and then insisted on a successful finish.

Julian Telario rushed to 11th place.

So far, the Huaxing team has successfully completed three matches in Slovenia. The team returned to Kayseri, Turkey, for altitude training.

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