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International Success for Team ChinaGloryCycling as they Win the Final Stage of Tour of Sakarya

In an impressive display of skill and teamwork, Team ChinaGloryCycling emerged triumphant in the final stage of the Tour of Sakarya 2023. This accomplishment showcased the team's dedication and ability to work together seamlessly. With their Chinese teammate Luy leading the charge, the team secured a stage win, leaving an indelible mark on this prestigious international cycling event.

At the start of the Tour of Sakarya, Team ChinaGloryCycling comprised seven talented riders: Xu, Luy, Sun, Su, Julien, Lucas, and Willie. Throughout the demanding competition, these individuals showcased their prowess and determination, culminating in a remarkable performance on the fourth and final stage.

Team director, Leonardo Canciani, expressed his utmost satisfaction with the remarkable team effort displayed throughout the week. He emphasized the dedication and hard work put in by each member, highlighting the significance of their well-deserved stage win on the Tour of Sakarya's concluding day.

General Manager and Team Director Sportive, Lionel Marie, acknowledged the challenge of assembling a team that consists of riders from various nationalities.

However, he commended the staff and riders for their outstanding ability to collaborate effectively and achieve international success. Marie also emphasized that the team's remarkable results serve as a testament to their collective strength and shared goals.

With the Tour of Sakarya triumphantly behind them, Team ChinaGloryCycling is now gearing up for upcoming challenges in Azerbaijan and China. General Manager Han Feng, who has been instrumental in building and nurturing the team's success, expressed his excitement about meeting the riders during their high-altitude training camp in China scheduled for July. Feng's unwavering commitment and investment have laid a strong foundation for the team's present accomplishments and future endeavors.

Team ChinaGloryCycling's resounding victory in the final stage of the Tour of Sakarya 2023 exemplifies their remarkable talent, teamwork, and unwavering spirit. This international success not only serves as a testament to their dedication but also highlights the visionary leadership of Team Director Sportive Lionel Marie and the exceptional efforts of General Manager Han Feng.

As the team prepares for their future goals, they continue to inspire with their achievements, leaving cycling enthusiasts eagerly anticipating their future endeavors on the global stage.

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