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Taihu Lake 2023

On Sept. 17, the Tour de Triomphe International Highway Bicycle competed for the fourth stage. Lucas Derosi of China's Huaxing Intercontinental Cycling team rallied in the match, sticking to more than a lap and sprinting first on the way. With a positive break-up performance, Lucas also won the game's daring prize, with a total personal achievement to 10th. At this point, Huaxing's trip around Taihu Lake was successfully completed.

The event is set up four stages in Taihu Lake, and today's Nanjing Gao Chun International Slow City stage is also the closing game of the event. The mileage of this section is only 72.4 km, including two detours, although the mileage is shorter, but the road bends more, small fluctuations, very emphasized technology.

Gao Chun's autumn meaning is accompanied by the competition, and in a while, Gucheng Lake crab is about to go public. After a few days of rain, today's big group finally ushered in a sunny day.

There was also a popular cycling event around Nanjing on the day, and many local riders arrived to cheer professional players.

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